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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 14, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. at 5:30 p.m. the man found in san francisco with the missing virginia girl, we'll head back to face charges after waiving extradition. jeffrey easily decline to fight his transfer back to virginia during a brief appearance in court this morning. he was somewhat 12 year-old pretty may outside san francisco supermarket on friday. the girl's mother who was easily as crawford was found dead last week. if please consider her death of homicide. meantime trees that is the woman to recognize breeze mets from news reports. she talked about what made her think that the growth while shopping at a supermarket could be the kidnapped girl from virginia. >> it was her brown eyes and hurt that i saw first that was asking for the return of britain a to bury her mom to be there for christmas. i forgot dog food and decided to pick the safeway on 40th
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avenue which i rarely go to. as they drove van i saw a van with the young child. first my intuition says something's wrong. if i did want to speak to our just in case she was a what was taken i didn't want to tip him off and then he leaves. someone inside and ask the court to dock a local police which is the richmond station spoke to the police officer and said, there's a young girl outside with a white male and it just doesn't seem right to me and maybe the girl from virginia because i wasn't sure because virginia so far away. she had the same brown eyes. >> party is now back in virginia with her father. officials say the two traveled from virginia to san francisco after reading on line that was the best city for the homeless. our
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interpreter kimberly sacramento said some of these sites. >> all you do is a simple search of best buys for homeless to live in cages come up showing how you should live as a homeless person and the majority of them sang san francisco is the best place to live. first overall e how they have best places cities to live and for all his people san francisco once you scroll down and it's known as the home as capital of the united states because the climate is mild the city is also known for being generous to the homeless they have a wide variety of social programs to help all this makes as it comfortable and friendly city for those without a home. meanwhile in city dead duck, there's a formal going on one person that's what the best of the big the homeless. one person said san francisco you have plenty of company and the other one said san francisco for sure is the homeless mecca of the u.s.. on top of
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everything you're living in san francisco. >> rain continues to push down to the south bay rate in the height of the commute. rescind pockets of heavy rain down toward san jose. you noticed the rain much lighter now all over san francisco, oakland and the abundant and its law. but some on and heavier rains that passed through cult of not making it down toward cupertino. san jose itself single light rain the pockets have not arrived yet. down the peninsula, in to sunnyvale were saying not quite 2 counts of an inch of rain let's also look out toward the livermore were seeing heavy rain over livermore look at nearly an inch of rain in horror. it's just that one little pocket elsewhere rain is on the light side like walnut creek barely registering on the radar. a wider view picture of the couple of hours we saw widespread steady cell with heavier rain pushing through were seeing snow
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this year right now showers will taper off. will talk about next farm on the way which is as weak and it's going to be a big one coming up in a bit. >> city san francisco a step closer to the america's cup. jonathan blum is live in san francisco with lee details for us. >> three days before the deadline which the city had to present its bid to host the america's cup. if the city is come to an agreement in its unanimous. this is one of those rare cases where everything from the center supervisors to the four loft of chris daly to the slightly ride of left the khmer new some have all agreed the board of supervisors voted 11 to nothing to approve this bed which includes giving a lot of real estate rights and development rights to the groups that are hosting the america's cup. that the bill bleachers, facilities for the teams to dock their boats and houses equipment and by now have to do a lot of development on the north eastern waterfront. that's the area were fishermans wharf is. the leaders say
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this city is unmatched to the america's cup. to think this is a place for first of all their predictable winds and second of all there's a great economy and that of all there's a space to build the facilities in the what to make sure those holding the america's cup snow that. it's got to be a tough battle they're competing against it is all over the world including the dress cities in italy and spain. the mayor thinks with the new revisions and the real estate offers that they're giving to the team, there would come out on top three and here's what he had to save two minutes ago. >> we came together unanimous support today. by the board of supervisors. 11-0. the amendments made of the last minute to. long negotiations to the evening last night and early this morning brought us to this point where we feel we have an extraordinary bit. a bid that we believe will allow us the ability to secure
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this cop. though we recognize are no guarantees and we recognize this process by no means over >> just a few moments ago mayor new some sign that bad and it will not go to the authorities in the port of ireland to compete against cities around the world. >> the busy day at the board of supervisors meeting in san francisco and other decisions today on the controversial congestion pricing plan. did, has a look at what happened with that. >> san francisco supervisor gave the county transportation authority the go-ahead to keep studying the idea of charging people who drive their cars into the heart of san francisco. the board made one change following several negative comments from a variety of salmon tail county officials including assemblyman terry help. >> if the 70 we design option here today is approved it and moves toward, i will be
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introducing legislation to prohibit local governments from charging tolls at the border. >> they object to the idea of charging as soon as drivers cross from san mateo county into san francisco county because it would create what they call an arbitrary toll. the board majority agreed and voted to drop this southern gateway plan from further study. a final decision on what are not to implement congestion pricing is still two to three years away and if that happens it likely would take place before 2015. in san francisco city hall dan curman kron 4 news. >> jerry brown as warning california educational leaders to have their seat belts fastened when he unveils his 2011, a 2012 state budget proposal next month. brown giving no specifics at this fiscal crisis is worse than thought. despite the warning from brown in the report indicates there could be a teacher shortage in the near
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future. a number of public school teachers has reached a decade low in california. the job is getting less attractive amid all the state budget cuts. the center for the future of teaching and learning says the trend could reduce the teacher shortage in the future. i take a look outside at traffic in san jose this is highway 1 01 at the guadalupe overpass the headlights' are southbound traffic moving rather slow rate now sit on the rich and of your screen in the northbound traffic traffic is sluggish there. we'll be back much more news ahead.
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here's a look at the movies and television shows that top this year's less. >> the social network is already received critical acclaim and now it's been recognized by the hollywood foreign press association as one of the year's top traumas.
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>> taking the entire social experience and putting it on line. kohl glowed against black swan, the fighter, inception and the king's speech. natalie portman and nicole kidman are up for back best actress in a trauma and jeffrey eisenberg, calling for the mark will bargains are among the nominees for best actor. johnny depp is up against himself in the category of best actor in a comedy or musical for his role in alice-in-wonderland and the taurus. both films for also nominated for best comedy carried on the tv side last year's best from the madman, is nominated again all what dexter, the good wife, amc the walking dead and hbo's boardwalk empire. last year's winner in the comedy or musical category sleeve is back for of course. it's up against 30 rock, the big dance charity, there's
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jackie. alec baldwin took home the statue for best actor in a company last year. he will be up against any water jim parsons for the big bang therapy. we do a survey will return to host the show which airs on january the 16th. >> a look at storm tracker 4 radar the rain push and out of the cells at this hour and tapered off in the north bay. it was a continuing chars this evening. will talk about a coming up.
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it's been a rainy day across the bay area today a lot of rain this morning there's a break and then more this afternoon but jackson is here and she said it's nothing like we can expect to the days ahead this week and are going to get pounded with rain right now were seeing showers of the golden gate. some have yourself through livermore and down to the south bay. and as the north bay dry at this hour. in the south bay pockets of heavier rain like a redwood city were seeing heavier showers develop. it also
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approaching san jose and milpitas. a wider view picture a steady stream of moisture pushing into the bay area but to lotus this is dragging down to the south. we will see the clearing conditions specially it like was on the north bay. clearing skies could lead to a fog over did as well. tonight, contending right in the south bay will continue to move down to the south through the evening hours and over night taper off. the extent of our clearing over night will determine how much fog were going to be saying in areas like fairfield, ma the delta and the north bay could see the dense fog out there tomorrow morning. the to the afternoon partly cloudy and cool conditions temperatures in the '50s dry conditions for the next couple of days. as we head into friday and especially to the weekend, or gore and gephardt was rain. future cast not o'clock on saturday morning at your rain through the bay area and pretty much all of california. moderate
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to heavy rains continuing and intensify on saturday. 11:00 at night look of the revenues screen. if are we ever going to get out with rain. in the bay area you see the orange of the santa cruz mountains several inches of rainfall expected as we push to the weekend into next week. on sunday will taper off in the bay area but seal, the system is tapping into tropical moisture and coming from we have shore and a shooting that moisture to bay area. it will continue on monday with the average showers. i can several inches of rainfall expected as we head into next week. the next couple of days will be dry and cool morning on thursday but then friday saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday possibly wednesday, periods of heavy rainfall also very gusty winds. we felt sick saturday monday will be the worse. " * several inches of rain expected as we head into next week. >> police and loss figures are searching for a daring feats on a motorcycle. he
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brought one of the city's biggest casinos making off with a million and a half dollars in gambling chips. just after a quarter before this morning the high rollers were still gathered around a crap table at the blood she'll. in walks a man in a motorcycle helmet, he takes it got and confronts the gamblers. he told everyone not to move and took approximately $1.5 million worth of casino chips. his flight was caught on a surveillance camera no shots were fired and no one was hurt. the entire robbery took two to three minutes start to finish. police said the suspect got on his motorcycle, parked at the north side of the entrance and fled westward into the night. they believe the same man robbed the car room of $20,000 in chips lesson a week ago. casino robberies are not that we're in las vegas. police say there were nine last year and 10 this year. catherine. >> italy's premier has
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survived to fight another day at a lot of people are not at all happy about this. there were riots in rhode what it was announced that he had survived to a no- confidence votes in parliament today. it his term in office has been marked by sex scandals, corruption charges against his close aides. critics call him a distraction to the country in tough economic times. they have a photo of this so-called berlin patient doctors believe he is hiv-positive man who has been cured after a stem cell transplants. he agreed to reveal its identity today, he's 44 year-old timothy brown american living in berlin. he underwent the transplanted 2007 for the treatment of leukemia. doctors say he is been hiv symptom free for three and a half years now. they're hoping this could pave the way for new treatment of the disease. he might not think a lot people would be interested, at of next year chernobyl will be open for torres. in looking at the
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ruins of the nuclear power plant which exploded in 1986. the blast killed 32 people immediately, many others got sick and died in the years that followed. the radiation levels are still higher than normal, officials insist it safe. >> a live look at the tuesday commute on the bay bridge. traffic in san francisco not at all. he conceived a lane suggested that there but the left side in this san francisco is moving well. will be back.
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another large loss of jobs that yah who is coming hundreds of employees will soon be laid off. >> it's time slowly. >> kron 4 uncovers how many jobs will be cut and what it means for the struggling company. holmes to hazardous to live in, why more residents what their homes torn down due to the san bruno gas line explosion. >> another winter we'll also you were piles of snow are causing a lot of problems. rain showers in parts of the bay area today but more wet weather is coming will tell you what it will head. carl
6:01 pm
inflames a mother and baby trapped inside. emergency crews race to save their lives. how they manage to get out alive. >> why this is kron 4 news at 6:00. >> at 6:00 troubled times at sunnyvale based it yahoo n starting today at the financially hobbled company. kron 4 as more on the problems which some experts say start of the top your head the cuts are deep for the company sells numbers of stock price short of what is and hope for. they're cutting 600 workers starting this week. that's 4 percent of the entire staff mostly in the u.s. product groups. if this is the fourth mass layoff and just three years. the blame goes to yahoo ceo carol barts which is falling behind google and other rivals. >> the first on the layoff pledge to be there ceo but as long as she's there the be more layoffs. you can
6:02 pm
hire someone whose specialty is engineering software and figure she's going to do a good job for a in a company. >> the lasting body of the silicon valley in general. here at the campus in sunnyvale i try to talk to many employees will go on camera but they do say they're well aware of what's going on. one engineer said in you about this coming for two months and said the layoffs are staying the engineers in the group but many of the project managers seem to be in trouble. they say will take a new ownership and management to change the downward direction that it continues to take. >> it requires a specialist in this area you can't get an oral hygiene is to do surgery on an elephant and figures of the goods come out of it. this is just a bad match between executives of a company. >> people are spending this holiday season, today's surprising retail sales numbers rose almost 1% from last month to $380 billion.
6:03 pm
kron 4 kate thompson is here and we want to get a sense is as a turnaround that everybody's been talking about? >> these are better than expected retail numbers which means consumer confidence as that which is a really good thing. with a graphic shows you what kind of lays out what people are doing. $380 billion was spent just in the month of november on food and on retail. it shows that people are back out in the stores and this is really crucial for recovery. many of the economists say this isn't the canary and the coal mine here is a lot more that goes into it. it's a good thing that this is a strong start to the beginning of the retail season. >> what about the other areas that people measure when it comes to what's happening with our economy are rising consumer confidence spill into that area? >> we are little bit, the big issue is the housing market as well as the jobless rate. we and other graphic to show you what shows you the data today with these retail numbers.
6:04 pm
the house bank early today after these retail numbers hitting a two-year high which is a good thing. it put a lot of confidence in the stock market at the to other big issues here are housing and the jobless rate to which both suffering. those two things have to be coupled with a high retail sales to really make the full turn around >> these were off to a decent start. this news is destined to be news room 91 tapes for lease at mother's frantic search for 18 months old in the found at san francisco hyatt regency motel. this happened last week. rob is heard the tapes any standing by live in the news from now with more. >> by all accounts was a tragic accident 18 months old at all averse us san francisco was pulled from the founder of hyatt after he'd been missing for about 15 minutes or so. the boy
6:05 pm
had apparently wandered off as he and his mother and her other two children were taking in the holiday display in the lobby of a hyatt last wednesday afternoon. right now it's part of an exchange between oliver's mother and a 911 operator who is trying to keep her horns on the line as she searched for the boy. >> at that point the line
6:06 pm
was dead it's not clear exactly how long the boy was in the water. paramedics performed cpr on the boy who was rushed to st. francis hospital in place on life support. he did make it he passed away on the weekend. at least two colors reported to 911 but no one saw the boy going into the water. kron 4 news at eleven live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> and some of the today police are investigating a shooting that killed one woman and injured five other. police said started when two men rushed the cut since the house barbershop. they opened fire and then two men inside returned fire. the gun battle moved to the parking lot where a woman who was loading virtu year-old child into an s u b was hit by gunfire. she was killed the child is ok. the
6:07 pm
pleas of not made any arrests yet, they believe at least one of the victims will turn out to be a suspect. there's no information from the ntsb to read about the san bruno gas line explosion. they released a long-awaited report updating their investigation of what they have ruled out as potential causes. christine conley has been looking over that report so the world of potential causes? >> this is really just a preliminary report to only just a snapshot of what their investigation stands right now. it's about two pages long but they did wrote several causes here. some of the cause as it rolled out the ntsb found new evidence of corrosion they also found no evidence of dance or get is suggesting it was hit with excavation equipment and there's also no evidence of a pre-existing leak. those are some causes that we can sort of scratch off the list at this point. pg&e reported
6:08 pm
this was a pipe that seems an ntsb said this pipe was actually riddled with welding seems so does pg&e at an explanation for this confusion? that's a big question that was asked the pg&e today they didn't have an immediate response. congresswoman jockeys peers who represents the san bruno area said this is something she wants to look into. as to listen and to what she had to say pg&e response. >> this is the explosion occurred in the to the pipe out there were plenty of seems in the pipe. in fact, there was a patchwork of seems in that high. >> we know there's a discrepancy in working to look at all our records for that pipeline, make sure we turn that information over to the ntsb as part of an exhaustive search. >>, this woman is called for a meeting with pg&e and
6:09 pm
federal pipeline investigators to see how pipes was seen should be inspected. she was to probe whether the san bruno picture and inspected with more high-tech equipment >> it seems odd that pg&e didn't know that the pipette scenes. what happened next? >> first up is going to be a meeting that jackie spears will have with federal regulators said pg&e to discuss this more and talk about inspections. also, coming down the road in january the ntsb will be coming back here, the conduct or interviews including interviews with two pg&e officials that they were able to talk to before, because were so shaken up because of this. >> people the community want answers because there's still pipes that >> air. it could be well before the final report comes out. >> looks like three more houses will be torn down in the glenview neighborhood of san bruno. the homes were originally yellow tag did not qualify to be torn down
6:10 pm
along with a 35 that were demolished after the fire. the city council will be voting on an item tonight to that will for the demolition of the three homes. in the months after the fire insurance adjusters determined to the damage on the yellow tag homes was too expensive and extensive and it would not be cost- effective to keep them off it would be better to tear them down and start over the cost of demolition for this project is about $90,000 and would eventually be paid by pg&e. >> a live look at sighted on storm tracker for continuing to see heavy rain in the south and east bay and inland valleys. we'll talk about that as the storm set to push through this weekend, all coming up.
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plans of stalled again is the selection process of the interim mayor after mayor gavin newsom is on lease to be sworn in as lieutenant
6:14 pm
governor. dan curman joins us live from separatist a city hall with the latest. >> this supervisors to public comment and expected to vote on an interim they are but then decided to continue the matter until january 4th. what is the impact of this? nothing. whatever they selected today would've kept it. the can't let anyone into the mayor is gone as we all know the bears on yet. they would of had to rebound january 4th. the other going to vote once and for all on january 4th. that is in fact is the mayor believes and sworn in on january 3rd as expected. the mayor decides to wait an extra week, that it will be the note new board of supervisors that selects the inter-american in the meantime board president david shute will be in charge until the board is able to get enough votes to elect somebody. again, if this board is not allowed to select an inch from the air until january 4th. that's the latest on the whole
6:15 pm
mayor issue and what have more kron 4 news is that for you right after this. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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in national news, a shooting at a school board meeting in florida and was caught on camera. we do need to warn you that you're going to see is graphic. it starts with one of the board members tried to talk sense to the shooter but that effort does not work and eventually the bullets are fired. >> here's what i know what happened, i don't want anybody to do this i do want anybody to get hurt and i've got a feeling what you want us because you're mad. for what? this isn't worth it, >> please don't, please don't, please. >> many witnesses ran for cover what the gun fire ran out here's how one woman describes what happened. i saw him come out spray paint
6:19 pm
a big circle with a lot and or of the through it was a nice, and then i had a motion for you and pulled out is gone. when he pulled his gun that's when i hit the floor. it was one of the most serious moments of my life. school board members seemed, they're willing to listen to some, i was shaken up i ran right out of their trade that's basically what i thought. >> everyone was shaken up officials say none of the school board members was injured, and not of the spectators in the boardman road was injured died there. remarkably as he see the gun fired, no one was injured, the gunman however has been identified as 56 year-old clay duke state records show he served four years in prison about a decade ago for aggravated stalking and other crimes. a police say duke shot and killed himself after he exchanged gunfire with a security guard. volunteer firefighters in north carolina save the mother and her three week-
6:20 pm
old son from a burning estivate. this is at her vehicle caught fire after she crushed into a tree near a fire station that the lambert and her baby were trapped in the vehicle, she said she was about to reach around to grab her son landed in front this car seat and toss in from the vehicle in order to save him, before she could the fire fighters were celebrating at a christmas party 50 yds away all arrived and arrested them both. >> storm weather causes huge problems for much of the country, bone chilling cold temperatures there are storms crossing the great lakes, moving into canada. this was a scene of ohio they've been hit by a second major storm in a study winter yet. >this is a small town near cleveland where the mayor calls the weather nasty. drivers are moving slowly through snow-covered streets, people generally look miserable. but consider the people of ontario canada look at what they're dealing with. there were white out
6:21 pm
conditions, cars and trucks buried under heavy snow and abandoned. hundreds of drivers were trapped on a major highway and had to be rescued. it was so that the canadian government declared a stretch of eastbound 402 a disaster area. in washington state, weather has brought down power lines and trees. one woman was killed when a tree crashed into her home. in tennessee where drivers are not used to icy roads, the morning commute was slow going. the city of winters park, florida for once was living up to it's name. as an unusual cold snap continues in florida. one of the casualties of the stormy weather was the metrodome in minneapolis, the roof collapsed sunday under really heavy snow. there is a team of engineers there they announced there's no way they could fix this by monday night's game. the game will probably be played in the stadium and the university of minnesota campus.
6:22 pm
>> were continuing to see right at this hour a live look at storm tracker radar the heavy rain push down to the south center are in the valley. conditions in san francisco relatively dry we do have light showers pushing through that's look closely at the heavier rain pushing in jordan valley and up the diablo range. this is in san jose not too long ago. corp. to continue to see the showers to the evening about as we do have widespread rain through the earlier commute this afternoon. now that it's pushing down to the south's will see chari conditions behind the storm. the notice again the main band of rain here is pushing down to the south so there's a cloud line right there. once the pushes past the north they will see clearing and that could bring fog into the north bay and the delta over night tonight. contending rain down in the south bay. storm warning depends on the matter clearing will see the areas are certainly possible only in the places that see.
6:23 pm
partly cloudy and cool conditions temperatures in the '50s for the most part. this raid was nothing compared to what were gunna see this weekend. a very strong storm going to drop in the bay area at 9:00 saturday morning were same water taffy rain shower over the bay area. for most of california actually, the system is tapping into tropical moisture so it's been intensified into saturday night. it's pretty heavy rain over the bay area 02 saturday continuing to send morning. all lull sunday afternoon before we see another way to push into monday. early monday morning the subtropical moisture being shot right at the bay area. 5:01 evening moderate to heavy rain continues over the bay area. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast dry conditions for the next couple of days, chilly start the day thursday to re will serve to return this weekend and it's not going anywhere. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday even into wednesday
6:24 pm
will see rain with * gusty winds and heavy rain. sunday money look to be the worse. stay with us will be right back after this.
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6:27 pm
in the bus just days after the british royal engagement portraits hit the web, or letting the two pictures have a bit of retouching done before they're released. kimberly has a look. >> these pictures are so popular on-line people are actually taking part in a poll as to decide which one they like the best. a stick a look to both of them. there's a more formal one of prince william kate middleton only 15 percent like this. the one were to show you 85 percent like that one. there's a report that no major work was needed of william and kate. just minimal retouching happen to make adjustments for the light, balance and contrast. it's also reported that king wanted to look natural so she did her own makeup in the picture. the shots were taken by fashion photographer mario
6:28 pm
in london. he's best known for portraits of presents diana. stay with us more news after the break. people! look at you!
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now at 6:30 p.m. tonight big stories in one big block of news. of course cruz, more stories right our top story. >> in san francisco of the safeway store near ocean beach were on friday a woman named theresa to shopping and recognize 12 year-old pretty smith and her kidnapper from virginia from the tv news report. >> i saw a man with a young child, and my intuition says something's wrong. as i walked up to them or to characterize on me and i couldn't reach her i knew something was wrong here. >> party is back in virginia waller of dr. what awaits extradition. in san francisco dave kron 4 news.
6:31 pm
>> in fairfield the 14 year- old boy who police say savagely attacked a 13 year- old girl and her baby brother as they were alone in the back of all home and entered a not guilty plea. alex is a charge as an adult for allegedly raping and stabbing the girl more than to times and stabbing her 18 months old brother more than 10 times. the boy went away tears at one time during a proceeding after hearing the list of 15 felony charges he faces including attempted murder and torture. his bail set at $9 million. >> elevated county superior court has and he were a 29 year-old carlisle it is first court appearance in a case where he's accused of an appropriately touching in the world little girl and a san leandro wal-mart on december 10th. a judge told carlisle of the bill will be set at $110,000 and issued a restraining order and against him making contact with the euro the breadwinner and her family. he's due back in court wednesday to enter a plea in the case. at the alameda
6:32 pm
superior courthouse kron 4 news. >> here in sunnyvale uncertain times as 600 workers are about to be laid off that's 4 percent of the company. silicon valley analysts say the blame goes to yobbos ceo carol barts. white to fix the company was falling behind google. they said the last minority of the silicon valley general with google in st. strong job growth this it would take an ownership and management to change the dollar direction yobbo continues to take. in sunnyvale kron 4 news. >> conceptors is go economists said the dow hitting a two-year bear high after better than expected retail sales numbers were announced it signals a strong start to this year's holiday shopping season. there's so long with ago at a full economic recovery of the country. from october till november there was a 1% increase in spending, almost $380 billion on retail and food across the country. economists say there are still too big
6:33 pm
things to deal with and that is the housing market, and the jobless rate. reporting it san francisco kate thompson kron 4 news. >> and another big story the ntsb has released a preliminary report on the san bruno gas explosion similar test of the pipe which you see here, showed had no signs of corrosion, no dents or get out is suggesting someone may have struck the pipe and that there was no evidence of a pre-existing light. the report did show the pipe was riddled with welding seems, which is not what pg&e had previously reported. legislators are calling for federal safety regulators to grow for tougher regulations might of the needed. >> and another big story 63 yellow tank columns in san bruno will likely get the go-ahead for demolition. in the days after the gasoline fire 35 columns or red tag and torn down. since then insurance adjusters and city officials can to the conclusion that the three homes were not salvageable. the city council is expected
6:34 pm
to make the final vote tonight on the demolition. the cost is expected to be about $90,000 and that money will eventually be paid by pg&e. in san bruno, jeff bush kron 4 news. >> here in san francisco city all the board of supervisors approved continuing to study the idea of congestion pricing. the idea of charging people when they drive into the heart of san francisco. the final approval is still to three years away and if that happens in whatever form it takes, it probably will be till 2015. san francisco city hall dan curman kron 4 news. >> our big weather story tonight concerning rain to the evening and a bigger store much up for the weekend. storm tracker 4 radar showing you rain down of the south ever sing heavier rain in our inland valleys and also in the dappled range which is light showers in san francisco and send a file. as we look at of by a wider view picture he was a steady stream of
6:35 pm
moisture but it said in dent in the south into the weekend were going to get hit with a ton of rain. look at future cast for saturday morning. moderate to heavy rain in the bay area and for most of california to saturday. will see a few ways just like this for the weekend. here's a look of your extended forecast dryer conditions in the next couple of days but friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday several days of reconditions at times very heavy with gusty winds. a saturday and monday look to be the worst of it. several inches of rain expected all the way through the middle of next week. >> global has released a photograph that allows users to track their friends or their family members every movement. it and the reporter kimberly shows us how works this is one i don't want. >> i'm sure this is what i
6:36 pm
know what. for nearly two years google has promised its coming. it's finally here that new location based sheriff at cold latitude. let's show the video is so exactly how works. unlike their competitor for square latitude lets users track and share the location in real time carried it's not just when you check and they can do so what ever. this is controversial on the web a lot blockers' talking about this. overall got to dock on this latitude as to interest of its only useful if you're really into being watched in that job very little control over it. it's not out system. but the apple continue to track and share your every movement on the sea going to the privacy menu and disabled. the attitude is currently available for free in the actions that store. more news after this.
6:37 pm
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and now for tech talk with gabe slate.
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>> the readers are hot they make great gifts, the prices of come down there becoming mainstream, they're catching on target is now selling amazon scandal. a take a look at the greeter options. the readers on the market are all similar in function and design, easy-to-use built for some not at any age a technical level. the biggest difference of the leaders are worried and download a box from 40 device. they'll have built in why fire so when you're not so much a cab fare home he condemned the books right to it. they also offer three cheap versions that are more expensive to give the reader myself of my connection. wherever you go you're connected to the internet you condemn a box from anywhere you don't have to be a white fiat sell. prices for e books are about the same mistake competitive. let's start with the most popular one that can no. it works only with the amazon bookstore. at the y 5 model is a hundred and $39, the wife i + regius $189. the next at
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the knot which brings color into the reader world. imports of the barnes and noble e. bookstore. it also works with google new e bookstore which offers the titles the last the 1000 books. the new color is fully color and touchscreen e. reeder on the market. the colors great for children's books in the touchscreen his eyes for people were used to using a touch green fall. it's two and $49 and why fire only. the basic map which only has color it and its lorain navigation system is tied cheaper it's one under $49 for the why five version $199 for the y 5 plus regina. this on the reader works with sony's e. reeder bookstore and gogol's burke stores. there's several models they offer the cheapest the reader on the market. the 5 in. block a version for $99. bigger versions it range from one image that dollars to $250 depending on screen size of three key connection. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> coming up next forty-
6:42 pm
niners insider kevin lynch said still with gary to discuss the forty-niners playoff stances and more. plus i school basketball player loses control after being called for fall and he takes it out on the rap. but kerrey has the details in the sports coming up next. >> right now and helped save time on the road by visiting our traffic page. take a look at our color-coded maps to look at a hot spots with either due to accidents, road work or whether or commit to him. be sure to check out the updated trend has to find out just how long it will take to get from point a to point b on >> lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. evening everybody, the a's have a new player with international routes. getting his new uniform fairly billy bean puree it a couple years ago mvp with the yankees played last season with the angels.
6:46 pm
27421 home runs 84 rbis. along with that silly his own pr man an interpreter. >> the athletics really pursued been and really wanted that. it's something any player can appreciate. to be needed by the team. >> to be interesting to see how this works. and not still draws a lot of attention from the japanese media. did any members of the international press there today. will see if the trends like to better box office for the a's. the giants great pitching us nationally co. the philadelphia phillies last night kerrey had reportedly he left $25 million on the table sporting offers from texas and new york yankees. here goes it it still is not always lead, holliday, oswald and hamel. if you follow baseball to die zeit
6:47 pm
staff but once again that to go through the giants of course they have lent to come, it came, sanchez that big young left-hander bob gardner and jackie's frenzied zero. >> what you call him my friend? i don't even know him (laughter) >> all the action we've had from zito he you've had more carried >> i've only spoken to omelets. >> it won't talk to pam or meat. there's a little conspiracy that were coaches were involved in this lay off for the dolphins player. former playoff you and see other coaches leaning for red picture of the player the jets players are trying to funnel the dolphins players into that. look at the video here's thomas and some may have little merit to the see what other coaches is already suspended and fined $25,000. as the
6:48 pm
old saying goes that he can't beat them truck them. your conduct and breaking out new uniforms for the check digit but you could make the joke. the head man at the nikki what you think of those tacky green socks? it will be the 13th a different uniform in 13 games. the new stocks of some striking feature. of course wanted to keep changing uniforms? everytime it's something that people will rush out and buy the uniform particularly if an organ duck fat. disaster in any respect it pam? >> particularly perry had >> are the green socks and a blended with the class now? >> see one night he runs university and they tell you, cities that up to the guy at nike and said hey we
6:49 pm
want to change uniforms. it would delight at $30 million donation? came mr. biology graduate changed uniform. it's a vicious world. all and taste everything tonight. connolly at the bay one of the tells you she wants to movies to of course, los wife just featured on the vh-1 reality show what it took you inside their marriage and show the getting married it was a tender moment. can you us cried again. when you get a good shot of the carmel and house believe to be added to the new jersey nets he already told the nuggets are want to go to the next and how the latest word is the new jersey next have moved in. before the dance crowd bellowed at the what of the better players in the nba could be in new jersey neck. here's a scary moment for a high-school basketball when i joke about it. mason's sullenness the insensitive
6:50 pm
been called for a technical foul it was after the referee last night first the question now is gunna from to the ground three had he showed up forced to forfeit the game the players then remove from the team and phases linked legal ramifications of very, very ugly and i will do my usual you never know when a young kid is clear threat that time. of what led up to that. i know, just save. we have no guess until about 15 seconds to go right jackie? i'll tell you a little secret i leaned over and that's what you think of the organ uniform it was a stall tactic. kevin? where have you been? >> what there. if you want to know i was into it and treated >> you get it all except a camera on cabin. and what to tell you how with the can
6:51 pm
ron carey had your shot entirely novel be invited to come on here for free again. kevin and she's mr. 49er. the more talk the more he fought through the rain and less time. tax.
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to be interesting to see at a place thursday. we have to work to do with all state, focus work through some injuries and other stuff. be ready to play at of the game on thursday. >> the great capt. of 49 insider fault arraigned thanks for coming all kidding aside. single terry more subdued now? could that because then run ins on the wall there's no use during this bravado? >> not sure if it's that, it might be that he's learning a bed. at the raging, the breaking the headset on the sidelines was a working. and the breeding of the officials so on and so forth
6:55 pm
now that is the keys, is coaching the team better. i think he's you with this coach, players he's consoling players use it on more stuff and i think he's a little bit better. >> i had him on sunday after the game we see when nobody's looking for a good guy. maybe just the wrong foot here. >> maybe he's maturing to late. maybe he said of come into the season with his demeanor. instead of adopting it when the team is fighting. >> think alex conley them over san diego? >> he has a one in five chance. who studies fell lager? then you have to really study format and really know your stuff. whatever is the most professional team that might not matter because the forty-niners are not of the talent level. >> would you thinks smith would quarterback next year. >> san diego.
6:56 pm
>> we may may be another opportunity for him. >> if everything broke right let's say the forty-niners to win the super bowl there's a big change in the toppled but your dream team? >> i'd love to see mike as the gm and bring in john green underneath them and see if those to power guys can. >> these are individuals it once and i look after them right? >> i need all the help i can get carried >> are you just talking or is that a possibility? >> one of the to i don't think both. >> that's in the pipeline definitely. it would be interesting if he came in. i'm not going to san diego will be on the cataloguing what the free goes.
6:57 pm
>> is nothing wrong with a couch and logging kevin the key for cutting your good got no really treated kevin lynch better late than never. see you at 11. hey, guys !
6:58 pm
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pay less interest, pay more principal, pay it off sooner. yes ! "the insider" has the total story behind today's top celebrity news. i'm lara spencer. "the insider" is on. the injury now to actor hugh jackman in australia. >> movie star hugh jackman on a zip line. >> oprah's australia accident today. the paramedics, hugh jackman's bloody eye. >> the photos you haven't seen of winfrey's high wire stunt gone wrong. >> what happen on the scene. >> he forgot to brake and hit the line head first. rosie is speaking out on oprah and gayle's gay rumors. gayle says let's spice up those lesbian rumors. >> breing golden globe news. >> nominee michael douglas. >> new halle berry. new cher. >> the shockers, the snubs and the new nominees filing for divorce. >> clooney's motorcycle getaway.


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